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Planning Permission

Building regulations

Please note that building regulations are the responsibility of the property owner.
Most standard log cabins will not meet building regulations as a residential building.
Some of our cabins can be transported in 2 sections and speced as "Caravan" specification.
If you require a residential specification log cabin then please contact us for details, you will require residential grade windows and doors, thicker than standard insulation and normally a structural engineers report.
More often we will specify either a timber frame (SIPS) buildng or a laminated log wall with an extra deep cavity.
We can only offer guidance and it is down to the you the customer to ensure that you have satisfied your local building authority.

Planning Permission For Garden Buildings

Planning Permission for Log Cabins

Most garden buildings, including log cabins, are classified as Permitted Development and usually should not require Planning Permission.

As a general rule, buildings under 30m Square do not require planning permission as long as the following guidelines are followed:

* Under 20 square metres, the building must be sited at least 5m away from the main property and not between the property and the main highway.

* The size of the building must not exceed 1/2 of the size of the land surrounding the property.

* The building must not exceed a height of 2.5m.

* When the building is between 20-30m square there must be a space of at least 1m betweeen the building and the boundary.

Please note: Local planning permissions can vary and if you are unsure you should check with your local planning office before purchasing.
Other considerations must be taken into acount such as conservation areas.
This is just a rough guide and it is your responsibility to check if the building will meet your local building regulations and planning rules.